Vanilla JS List

A growing list of organizations that use vanilla JS to build websites and web apps.

The List

  • Basecamp. Basecamp uses server-generated HTML for both Basecamp and their new Hey email service. Some lightweight JavaScript progressively enhances their apps into SPAs if supported. As a result, their apps are fast, resilient, and easier to maintain. More Info on Basecamp and Hey
  • Selfridges. Selfridges cut the load time of their site in half by using a combination of vanilla JS and native HTML components.
  • GitHub. GitHub removed jQuery from their app in favor of native browser methods and custom web components. More Info on GitHub
  • Netflix. By using vanilla JS for their client-side code, Loading and Time-to-Interactive decreased by 50% (they still use React server-side). More Info on Netflix
  • MeetSpace. The average page on MeetSpace is ready in just 200ms. More Info on MeetSpace
  • Marks & Spencer. The ecommerce site for British retailer Marks & Spencer is powered by vanilla JS.
  • Front End Masters. The app was rebuilt from the ground-up with the goal of being more performant and providing a great developer experience. More Info on Front End Masters
  • Hacker News. An article sharing site for startup and developer news.
  • Colloq. An app to discover and manage conferences.
  • Carrd. An app for building landing pages.

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