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Organizations using vanilla JS

Do you know of an organization using vanilla JS that you want to see on this list? Get in touch and let me know!


GitHub removed jQuery from their app in favor of native browser methods and custom web components.

Sometimes technical debt grows around dependencies that once provided value, but whose value dropped over time.


By using vanilla JS for their client-side code, Loading and Time-to-Interactive decreased by 50% (they still use React server-side).


The average page on MeetSpace is ready in just 200ms.

Using this approach, we were able to create an incredibly fast and light web application that is also less work to maintain over time.

Marks & Spencer

The ecommerce site for British retailer Marks & Spencer is powered by vanilla JS.

Front End Masters

The app was rebuilt from the ground-up with the goal of being more performant and providing a great developer experience.

Hacker News

An article sharing site for startup and developer news.


An app to discover and manage conferences.


An app for building landing pages.